Cyprinid herpes virus-3 (CyHV-3)

Published in FEBS Lett. 2006 Aug 7;580(18):4473-8. Epub 2006 Jul 14.


Cyprinid herpes virus-3 (CyHV-3) bears genes of genetically distant large DNA viruses.

Ilouze M, Dishon A, Kahan T, Kotler M.

Department of Pathology, The Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem 91120, Israel.

A large DNA virus, designated koi herpes virus (KHV), carp interstitial nephritis gill necrosis virus (CNGV) and Cyprinid herpes virus-3 (CyHV-3), causes massive mortality of carp. Morphologically, the virus resembles herpes viruses, but it contains a genome of ca 295 kbp, larger than that of any Herpesviridae member. Interestingly, three CyHV-3 genes, thymidylate monophosphate kinase (TmpK), ribonucleotide reductase and thymidine kinase, which are involved in deoxynucleotide tri-phosphate synthesis, resemble those of pox viruses. In addition to the TmpK gene, which is nonexistent in the genome of herpes viruses, CyHV-3 contains a B22R-like gene, exclusively expressed by pox viruses. These results raise questions on the phylogenic origin of CyHV-3.

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