Scientific Papers

Persistence of cyprinid herpes virus 3 (CyHV-3) in infected cultured carp cells.
Dishon A, Davidovich M, Ilouze M, Kotler M

Characterization of a Novel Virus Causing a Lethal Disease in Carp and Koi.
Maya Ilouze, Arnon Dishon and Moshe Kotler

Efficient vaccine against the virus causing a lethal disease in cultured Cyprinus carpio.
Ronen A, Perelberg A, Abramowitz J, Hutoran M, Tinman S, Bejerano I, Steinitz M, Kotler M.

Cyprinid herpes virus-3 (CyHV-3) bears genes of genetically distant large DNA viruses.
Ilouze M, Dishon A, Kahan T, Kotler M.

Description of an as Yet Unclassified DNA Virus from Diseased Cyprinus carpioSpecies.
Marina Hutoran,1,Ariel Ronen,1,Ayana Perelberg,2 Maya Ilouze,1 Arnon Dishon,1 Izhak Bejerano,2 Nissim Chen,1 and Moshe Kotler1*

Protection of cultured Cyprinus carpio against a lethal viral disease by an attenuated virus vaccine.
Perelberg A, Ronen A, Hutoran M, Smith Y, Kotler M.

Detection of Carp Interstitial Nephritis and Gill Necrosis Virus in Fish Droppings.
Arnon Dishon,1 Ayana Perelberg,1,3 Janette Bishara-Shieban,2 Maya Ilouze,1 Maya Davidovich,1 Shlomit Werker,4 and Moshe Kotler1*

Pathogenesis of Acute Viral Disease Induced in Fish by Carp Interstitial Nephritis and Gill Necrosis Virus.
Eli Pikarsky,1 Ariel Ronen,1 Julia Abramowitz,1 Berta Levavi-Sivan,2 Marina Hutoran,1 Yechiam Shapira,2 Michael Steinitz,1 Ayana Perelberg,1,3 Dov Soffer,1 and Moshe Kotler1

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