KV3 Vaccine against KHV (CyHV3)

KV3 is an attenuated virus vaccine against KHV disease.
The KV3 is the only vaccine worldwide against KHV disease.

No system of testing and disease prevention by exclusion is ultimately as effective as a vaccination process.
It was developed by Prof. M. Kotler from the Hebrew University. The virus is a double stranded DNA virus of ca-290,000 bp with icosahedron morphology resembling herpes viruses.
The methodology of developing the vaccine was to attenuate it with many passages, identify a particular clone and than continue its attenuation by irradiation with UV light.

Safe vaccine 

KV3 has been proven to be a safe vaccine.

The vaccination process should be only to healthy fish and administrated by fish health specialist.
The KV3 vaccine is a genetically marked vaccine. Hundreds of different safety tests have been established. All results have been approved by the Israeli regulation authorities. The production of the vaccine is according to the USA Regulatory requirements – 9 CFR demands.

Field tests as well as lab tests and more than 120 million fish vaccinated up today have shown the vaccine to be completely safe for usage in fish ponds as well as to wild carps. (> 90% vitality after vaccination of healthy fish)
During the last 15 years – There have been no alerts or notifications of reverse mutation of the vaccine from attenuated to Virulent KHV virus in Israel and Europe.

To Summarize:
The production of the vaccine is in high standards according the USA regulation demands –  according to 9 CFR demands.

Vaccination process should be only to healthy fish by veterinarian or fish health specialist.

•  KV3 is a narrow range vaccine. Infects only KOI and Cyprinus carpio.

The KHV have NO ability to infect other fish or vertebrate species.
KV3 secretion to the environment – The vaccine can not be transferred from fish to fish.

KV3 Vaccine efficiency

Vaccination with KV3 contributes to prophylactic immunization reaction that protects the fish. The efficacy results are about  > 90%  vs. Mortality of more than  95% of naive (unvaccinated) fish from the disease

Vaccination Tank

Kovax vaccinate tank

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