KV3 Vaccine against KHV

KV3 Vaccine against KHV –

KV3 is an attenuated virus vaccine against KHV disease.
The KV3 is the only vaccine worldwide against KHV disease. No system of testing and disease prevention by exclusion is ultimately as effective as a vaccination process.
It was developed by Prof. M. Kotler from the Hebrew University. The virus is a double stranded DNA virus of ca-290,000 bp with icosahedron morphology resembling herpes viruses.
The methodology of developing the vaccine was to attenuate it with many passages, identify a particular clone and than continue its attenuation by irradiation with UV light.

The KV3 has many advantages:
Simple to use – Only 60 minutes of immersion in a tank or Injection
Efficient solution to the fisheries – About 90% survivals!
Low price
Impacts only the Carps and the KOI

Safe vaccine – No reverse mutation.  The KV3 host range is Common Carp and Koi and no other species
The KHV have NO ability to infect other fish or vertebrate species.
KV3 secretion to the environment – The vaccine can not be transferred from fish to fish.

Vaccination Tank

Kovax vaccinate tank

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