Fish disease diagnosis

Kovax provide Rapid and accurate tests to support your Fish health monitoring.

Fish disease diagnosis – Answers in 48 hours

VNN Diagnostic PCR

KSD (Sleeping disease)  Diagnostic PCR

CyHV2  Diagnostic PCR

CyHV3 Diagnostic PCR

RSID Diagnostic PCR

Photobacterium  damselae 

subsp. Piscicida  Diagnostic PCR

Newly isolated Tilapia virus PCR


KHV ELISA test  –

KoVax is offering its customers a diagnostic service by utilizing  ELISA test to identify KHV.
ELISA stands for Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay.
This assay is a rapid, high throughput test for KHV “tail”.
Minimum of test samples are 20.

KoVax obligation is to  return results report within 48 hours only of receiving the samples.
This test is effective for testing KOI/Carp stool or cells culture.


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