Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – regarding KV3 the vaccine against CyHV3 (KHV)

1.Can KV3 be distinguished from the wild type KHV?

YES.Genomic analyses have revealed over31 mutations (of various types) in the KV3 DNA in comparison to the wild type virus.These mutations are easily detectedby PCR.

2.CanKV3 revert to the wild type virus and cause the disease?

NO. To prevent back mutations towards the wild type a few precautions have been taken. Detecting deletions in the attenuated DNA lowers this possibility greatly.With over60 million fish vaccinated, no regeneration or back mutations have been detected due to proper attenuation process.

3.Is the KV3 vaccine safe to other fish in the pond?

YES.The vaccine has a narrow host range, infecting onlyCyprinuscarpiospecies.Other fish will not be affected by the vaccine

4. Is the KV3 safe to the environment?

YES.Vaccinated fish do not secrete KV3 to their surroundings and pose no threat to the environment.

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