KV3 safety vaccine

The safety aspect of KV3:

KV3 Safty

KV3 has been proven to be a safe vaccine.

The vaccination process should be only to healthy fish and administrated by fish health specialist.
The KV3 vaccine is a genetically marked vaccine. Hundreds of different safety tests have been established. All results have been approved by the Israeli regulation authorities. The production of the vaccine is according to 9 CFR demands.
The tests were conducted in the Dor Institute – the Aquaculture Research Station of the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development as our peer review.
Field tests as well as lab tests and more than 60 million fish vaccinated up today have shown the vaccine to be completely safe for usage in fish ponds as well as to wild carps. (> 90% vitality after vaccination of healthy fish)
During the last 8 years – There have been no alerts or notifications of reverse mutation of the vaccine from attenuated to Virulent KHV virus in Israel and Europe.

To Summarize:
The production of the vaccine is according to 9 CFR demands.

Vaccination proces should be only to healthy fish by veterinerian or fish health speacialist.

•  KV3 is a narrow range vaccine. Infects only KOI and Cyprinus carpio.

• Does not infect hot blood organisms

•  The KV3 is effective only in 18 C – 25 C

•  Safety tests were done according to the USDA demands
•  60 million vaccinated fish, no regeneration due to proper attenuation process
•  Marked genetically
•  The KV3 vaccine was designed per the USDA safety regulations

The vaccine can cause mortality to un healthy fish or administrated by none professional persons.

KHV-free Carp pools in Israel

KHV free Carp pools in Israel

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