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An Article was published by KOI Magazine on Kovax ltd. November 2008
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Link to KOI Magazine article on Kovax Ltd. published in November 2008

Yissum Takes Technology Transfer Services by Storm –
Founded in 1964 as a way to encourage the “inventiveness” of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s staff, Yissum Research and Development Company seeks to support and encourage research, development and education in their efforts to turn science into commercial products for society.
Looking over a partial list of Yissum’s companies shows  diversity, touching on pharmaceuticals, biotech, agriculture and irrigation, water treatment, software development, safety, nanotechnology, and medical technologies, research, development and devices.

Water treatment technologies like En Gibton Ltd and Treatec 21 Industries Ltd; agricultural endeavorsLeafsen Irrigation Systems Ltd, Kovax Ltd—vaccines for the aqua culture world


Vaccine Development World Wide” – A status report by the ACKA KHV
team more details…

The Madan – a world class Fish Breeding Center, is one of the largest farms in Israel.  The Madan is vaccinating with the KV3 vaccine their Common Carps and Koi for the last 3 years. The results are excellent – More than 90% vitality!


KOI Post KV3 vaccination

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