International Workshop on CyHV-3

International Workshop on CyHV-3 (KHV) – Cyprinidherpes viruses:
Basic and applied aspects

Dear Participants,

We were more than happy to receive from you several positive reactions on the Workshop
that took place in Caesarea on 17-18 February 2008. We believe that this Workshop has
contributed much to reducing the threat of KHV all over the world.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the speakers and attendees for their
contributions during the Workshop, and also to let you know that all presentations are now
on the website of the Israeli ministry of Agriculture the link is:

This is new web site and still not in English….If you will scroll down you will find also that

all presentations are there as PDF files and we are planning to add some pictures from the
meeting and the tour which was taken by Dr. Bernhard Feneis  from Germany.
We hope that you enjoyed your visit to Israel and look forward to seeing you again.


Moshe Kotler and Mordi Haimi

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