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KoVax Ltd. Was established in 2003 in order to develop,
manufacture and market a vaccine to eradicate fish diseases.

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Kovax Company Profile
We have Vaccine-manufacturing capabilities as well as a high technology R&D department.

The KoVax team is composed of talented individuals with complied qualifications, each successful in substantial fields.  Essential for the project success: Science frontier, outstanding business development and project management success.

KoVax has acquired the patent for the KHV vaccine (For KOI and Common Carp ) and the immune-based diagnostic kit from the Hebrew University and the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture.
The KHV vaccine was developed by Professor Moshe Kotler

In 1998 the KHV afflicted many fish farms in Israel, causing severe financial losses.
By using the KV3, the vaccine against KHV – the Israeli Carp market has recovered from the KHV epidemic.

Kovax Company Graph

Kovax is the only company in the world that produces and markets an efficient and safe vaccine against KHV disease.

Starting 2006 Kovax R&D department is focusing on development  –

“Novel vaccine methodology”.

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