10 Things you should know about KoVax

1. We are the only worldwide producer of an efficient and safe vaccine against CyHV3 (KHV), the KV3. The vaccine is patented worldwide.

2. Kovax conducting Diagnosis services  for different fish diseases, like: KHV, CyHV2 (GHV – Gold Fish Herpes virus), Tilapia Virus, (Tilv), VNN (Viral Nervous Necrosis), Photobacterium damselae subsp. piscicida (Pasteurella) etc….  Answers are in 48 hours.

3.  We  launch our new state of the art R&D and vaccine’s production facility.

4.  KoVax’s Quality assurance and control  is concerned with sampling, specifications and testing, documentation and SOP’s release which ensure that the necessary tests are carried out, and that KV3 Batches are not released for use only after all tests are being obtained and it’s quality has been judged satisfactory.

5.  Our team has high capabilities, knowledge and experience conducting applicable biological systems in fish diseases

6. Our CyHV3 Vaccine – KV3, has a marker that can distinguish between the CyHV3 wild type virus and the vaccine

7. We have developed a  large collection of cell cultures of aquatic origin both acquired and “in house” made to allow isolation and research on viral pathogens

8. We are investing most of our income  in R&D of new vaccines for Fish disease – 4 different vaccines are in different stages of development

9. The company posses firm patents relating to the R&D and the production processes.

10. We produce autogenous vaccines to the Israeli farms.

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